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About Challenge 4 Cancer

The Quantmetry Health Hackathon takes place in the context of the Challenge 4 Cancer. This challenge is organized by Epidemium and sponsored by Roche.

The objective of the challenge is provide further insights on the distrubution and evolution of many categories of cancers. The organizers of the project identified an ensemble of open data sources that could be relevent to this exploration.

Our goal for this challenge is to create an interactive website that provides an easy access and representation of available data. To understand what dataset was used what treaments were applied, please refer to the wiki page describing this project.


We dedicated 2.5 days to this project. The data preparation was done using dplyr. The visualization API is done in R using Plumber. The front-end uses a Bootsrap template and JQuery for the dynamic addition and deletion of graphics. The graphics are generated with Plotly which has R, Python and Javascript bindings.


Quantmetry is a DataScience consulting company located in Paris. We use our expertise in Big Data and Data Analytics to help our clients leverage their existing and usually underexploited asset: Data!

Feel free to contact us if you want more information about the project or the technology used. Or if you just want to chat!